Corporate Financial Planning

Corporate client financial planning services

Business Planning

There are periods when it can prove problematic to establish your true financial needs, which is why we deliver advice in a approachable and reasonable manner.

Incisive Wealth Management has been built based on morality, consistency, honesty and an outstanding service. Our team is at the core of our business. Our advisers and servicing team deliver consistently high standards and are committed to delivering an excellent customer experience for all our clients. Many client-adviser relations have lasted years and during this period we've developed many good alliances.

Incisive Wealth Management offer guidance to businesses on a whole variety of financial services. These include the obligatory, such as the new Automatic Enrolment duties for pensions being imposed upon employers, to the progression planning and crucial person assurance questions often disregarded.

Corporate Services Can Include

  1. Auto-enrolment Advice
  2. Employee benefits implementation and management
  3. Flexible employee benefits menu systems
  4. Group and executive pension schemes
  5. Group income protection
  6. Group Private Medical Insurance
  7. Group death-in-service and dependents benefit schemes
  8. Partnership and directors share protection
  9. Key person business protection
  10. Advice for your employees if required

Corporate Financial Planning

Incisive Wealth provides business owners with commercial financial planning guidance in addition to looking after their own private financial affairs. We work in conjunction with other specialised advisers that assist our client's businesses, including Accountants or Solicitors.

We have the knowledge to help business owners develop a vigorous financial planning approach that includes the provision for pension planning through to business protection and commercial cover.

Determining the best benefit approach for our client's businesses is also another vital part of building a successful company. Incisive Wealth ensures that our business clients are able to continue to meet the trials of a competitive business environment and ensure they are sufficiently protected.

It could simply be a case of revising, strengthening or restructuring your existing necessities or it may be time to present a whole new set of employee benefits. You may want to reward your employees by allowing them the flexibility of being able to choose their own employee packages from a range of options you set. Working with Incisive Wealth means you take the lead, you set your priorities and you choose a 'package' of support and guidance to suit your needs.

From straightforward life cover to complex pension planning, Incisive Wealth makes the process as painless as possible. In today's world of constrictive budgets and schedules, we will work with you to organise a simple, organised and headache-free package of benefits for your employees.

When advising companies and sole-traders, there are many aspects of the business that we take into deliberation:

Corporate Financial Planning Advice

  1. Group pensions
  2. Corporate insurance
  3. Corporate financial planning
  4. Employee benefits arrangements
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