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Professional Client Services


Incisive Dental specialises in providing pensions and investment advice to the dental profession. Incisive Dental are known to hundreds of dentists and are involved in all aspects of the dental sector (for example, financial advice, legal advice and recruitment).

The content of this website is intended to be of a generic nature and does not purport to be advice specific to individual circumstances. We are also not liable for our clients' tax position. Financial advice on a face-to-face basis can be arranged by appointment. We are always pleased to review the financial arrangements for existing clients and equally pleased to welcome new clients.

What We Can Offer

  1. Pension planning (NHS earnings)
  2. Pension planning (independent earnings)
  3. Lump sum investment (global funds)
  4. Lump sum investment (capital guaranteed)
  5. Life cover
  6. Income protection insurance
  7. Practice valuations
  8. Wills, Power of Attorney and Probate
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